Lulu’s famous stockings

If you are like my family, you may have treasured family stockings that are practically heirlooms. Grandma Lu diligently knits each member of our family one of these cute Santa stockings. You can see the age progression with Mike’s stocking, which he complains is unfairly small. The “Merry Christmas” hanger was one of my projects this year. It is done out of 1/4″ rod and rebar.

FF’s Puppy Paw stockingIf you don’t have treasured stockings that must be used, why not let the kids put their extra time and creative skills into making their own stockings. Felt is a great fabric to use because it can be easily glued. Gather up some pom-poms and sequins and fabric paints and let them go nuts. Older kids can practice a few simple stitches with embroidery floss. I haven’t had time to throw anything together,FF’s Ice Skate stocking but when I searched, I found some great ideas. Here are a few to get you going. My Mom made stockings for our family that look like ballet slippers and cowboy boots. Family Fun’s site has some great ideas, including this ice skate and puppy paw. eHow recommended using an old stocking for your base. Better Homes and Gardens has some ideas for the really ambitious too. You guys may have so much fun making this years stocking that it becomes a tradition!