emily’s cake 1Alright,I have had a few people ask for pictures from my latest cake ventures. ;-P The first one (as you can read on the cake,) is Emily’s birthday cake. I wanted to try out my new pans (to be used for Shelly’s wedding cake, which is below.) emily’s cake 2 It went well, I made the grass but using a round tip like you would a star tip on the top, then just piping up the sides (from the bottom.) Nothing too fancy.

As for Shelly and Bandon’s wedding cake. It too is pretty straight forward. This was the first time I did a large tier cake. (serving approx. 300) There were a few tense moments. Surprisingly, there was no stress during the time making it. We transported it in the three tiers. (Which were on wrapped cardboard) The wedding was held in a backyard just one street south of us. When Michael went around the first corner, 2 of the cakes slid (I caught the middle tier.) and had a little damage. However, I was able to cover it decently there. Though I did say sh*t! in the presence of my two young and innocent daughters. floral wedding cake(So far Megan hasn’t repeated, thank heavens!) The real stress came when I assembled the cake and the support dowels were too long. Yea, not so good. We ended up taking out the middle layer dowels and hoping the bottom wasn’t too wobbly; as I wasn’t sure the bottom layer could support the other two without. It seemed to be okay in the end. As far as I know, nothing toppled after we left. ;-P