full line

Fill up a blank wall with your children’s art! This is easy, cheap, and versatile…what more could you ask for?


Thumbtacks (I used aluminum ones.)

Heavy gauge wire (I used 18 gauge, which you can get at home improvement store.)

Needle nose pliers

Clothespins (I got mini ones at a craft store.)

Artwork and pictures



1. Put the pins in (as far apart as you want your line to be long.)

2. Curl the end of the wire with the needle nose pliers. (Do this by clamping the end of the wire and twisting the pliers around.) couch shot

3. Make a small loop around the push pin and then run the wire about a foot longer than the length to the next pin. Make intermittent curls and twists, as well as a loop for the other pin and a curled end on the other side.

4. Use the clothes pins to pin the art and pictures to the line.