If you know me, you know that I love to decorate. You also know that I am all about doing it on the cheap. I wanted something for my picture rod, but these would look cute hanging from your porch or tacked on the casing of a window.  I love all of the different textures with the burlap and screening. The bonus is that it is pretty quick to put everything together and there is NO sewing involved. Although it would be cute to stitch around the pumpkins; I wanted to go for more of a folk art, simple look.


Burlap (I used orange, a couple of yards will do it.)

Brown felt for stems (1/4 yards)

Roll of screening (found on the window and door isle at a home improvement store)


Hot glue

Ribbon (if desired)


1. Layout the burlap and sketch some jack-o-lanterns onto it. Then cut out.

2. Cut stems from the felt and glue onto pumpkins. Turn the pumpkin over and dribble glue on the top 1/4 of the pumpkin to help keep it flat when hanging.

3. If using ribbon to hang them, glue the ribbon to the stem and top of pumpkin.

4. Unroll the screen and sketch the desired ghost design; then cut out.

5. If using ribbon to hang the ghosts, you can push a hole in the screen with the tip of the scissors. Then thread the ribbon through.

6. Now hang your ghosts and pumpkins up, layering them so that they are overlapping in places.

* A note on the screening: I used the aluminum because I wanted the metallic color. It also comes in black and grey. The aluminum was a bit of a pain to deal with-literally. The little threads are much like slivers as you are cutting. If I were to do it again, I think I would settle for a shadowy grey. I think it would be a lot more pleasant to deal with.