…Yeah that is pretty much all I do now.  Oh well. I wanted to share a few of the fun things from these past crazy weeks. I have been super tired pretty much all the time (due to the heart meds I have been on.) Yet, when I look back, we have been up to some fun stuff. Megan started school, soccer and dance. All of these things are just too cute. She loves to stay in her dance and soccer clothes all day long. I think she knows she is adorable.

Meanwhile, I have been busy canning like a domestic crazy woman. Check out all of the peaches we got from our little 2 1/2 year old tree. That’s right, our little toddler tree gave us this table-full! Mmm. We ate a bunch, shared some, canned lots and even made some kick-butt peach applesauce.

I also put up apricots and have been doing batches of salsa every few weeks. Mike came up with ingenious summertime use for our sled. It is the perfect vehicle for carrying fruits and veggies, since it is long and shallow there is plenty of room to load everything in without stacking them up (which leads to bruising.)

Another idea worth sharing is how much kids love fondue. This seems so obvious now, but I just have to share that the girls had such a ball dipping bread, potatoes and carrots into some cheesy goodness. It was pretty quick and easy to steam the veggies and saute a little beef. It is going to be on the menu at our house a lot more frequently. Here is an easy alcohol-free recipe for you to try:

Cider Fondue

1 lb. Jarlsburg, Guyere, or Swiss cheese, shredded

1 1/2 Tbs. flour

Salt and pepper

~1/4 tsp. garlic powder

*Toss all ingredients together; then slowly add to:

~1 c. Heated apple cider (I actually used Martinelli’s, which was good–I figured it could use the kick.)

1 Tbs. Lemon Juice (if you use plain apple juice or cider.)

Stir cheese into heated apple cider mix and stir, if it is too thick add a little cider. (Too thin? Add some cheese; this isn’t rocket science… but it is delicious!)

Enjoy! We sure did. BTW, I have to plug our great Kitchenaid fodue pot, which is electric, so you can cook right in it. It is also non-stick and super quick to clean. (On a related note: Thanks Pamela, for the rockin’ fondue pot for Christmas! You are the best!)

And finally, for a little random cuteness:

Mike and Meg “working”

Meg in her “Bucket hat” playing the piano

The girls have been falling asleep together a lot lately, it is pretty sweet.

We also got to have a super fun picnic with our preschool friends. Our neighbor firefighters are so awesome! They came over with hats and dalmatian pins for the kids. Then they had us come take a tour of the fire engine. Here are a couple of pictures:

Emily was enthralled with the dials and hoses, etc.

I really am going to get back on top of things soon. I promise to post a project next week. I am actually going to have an ablation on Tuesday to take care of the heart problems I have been having lately. (They will go in through my legs and neck with scopes and burn off a little section of my heart that is causing that wrong heartbeat.) So, hopefully, I will be feeling good and happy in a week or two. Here’s to the miracle of modern technology! Thanks for all of your support, you great friends!