That’s right. You heard me. For several years we have have forgone gifts for each other in favor of giving to a family in need. Over the years, there has certainly been a little fudging. We stuff stockings with things that are sometimes a little larger than a token gift. But this year, Mike laughed in the face of our moratorium on presents. He even flagrantly chose to bestow an outright gift on me tonight, fully 10 days before yuletide. While this does fit in a stocking, I ask you: is it not outright spoilage?

The answer is YES! Mike spoils me like crazy! He did give me a challenge; he wants me to post a picture every day until New Years. I figure this is a good catalyst to get me blogging again. I am even thinking about some new formatting. Be excited. I know I am. Woohoo! Thanks honey, you are too good to me!

p.s. I thought it was appropriate that my first picture on my new camera was of Mike. He is pretty cute, isn’t he?