It seems like most of the festivities surrounding New Years aren’t particularly kid-friendly. My Mom was always very good at us feel like the center of each holiday and New Years was no exception. On New Year’s Eve, we would lay out our stockings. (We didn’t have a fireplace, so we laid our stockings out on the couch at Christmas too.) While we slept, the New Year’s Fairy would come and fill the stockings with treats and necessities for the new year; like soap, toothbrushes, new underwear, etc. She would also bring a game for our family to share.

We generally didn’t stay up late because we were anxious for the Fairy to come. 😉 However, we usually celebrated with some special foods. Including a savory cheese ball and slush (a simple syrup with orange and pineapple juice and fruit that is frozen then cut up and combined with 7up and (our favorite part) maraschino cherries.) We always had the fun party hats and crackers …and a good time.

Once we got old enough, we also had a family meeting to talk about goals and resolutions on New Years Day. Age definitely makes a difference, but whatever you choose to do, have a fun time with your little ones (or have a fun time and let them have fun with the babysitter) and have a happy new year! -Keersten