What could make a fabulous beach get away even better? Getting to go with (almost all of) my in-laws. We really missed Brent and Katie; but everyone else made it–14 adults and 21 kids in our happy (and plenty spacious) beach house. I had a hard time narrowing down the pictures to share. We had so much fun! Unfortunately, we were usually too busy having fun to take group shots. The best I could find was the line-up of our beach chairs. I have to admit, as with everything in life, the best moments don’t have a picture to capture them. However, I think Michael caught some pretty good stuff!

A few of the moms watching everyone play.

Amanda loved the sand! She ate it by the handful.

The view from our “front yard.”

This is probably the most wet Emily got. The girls loved playing in the sand and surf. Megan even tried out a boogie board.

2 little mermaids

This isn’t any of us, just had to include this cool shot that Michael got.

We didn’t get much from our trip to SeaWorld, which blew the girls away. Actually me too! It was so cool to see all of the marine life! I am really kicking myself for not snapping a pic with Amy at dinner afterward. We were pretty wasted by then. I wish we would have made that it’s own thing. (She can probably tell you that we were all pretty loopy.) Next time! (Yay for a next time!)

Thanks so much Gary and LuAnn! We had a ball!