Let me bring you up to date:

We did have a fun April Fool’s dinner. Megan loved using the funny utensils and insisted that we did too. It was very cute to watch her carefully lay noodles down in her ice cream scoop, then try to dump it into her mouth. Even Mike was fooled by the Jell-o sodas and the cinnamon “garlic bread” tasted great. (Has it really been this long since I blogged?)

Last week I enjoyed mixing the sinus thing with a GI thing–probably what the girls had the week before. Enough said. Now this week is almost over and I feel like I am running to try and catch up on things. Most importantly, finish a sparkling proposal for my book so that there might be a ray of hope in building my (very moderate) dream house while conditions are still good for construction. I will post something a little better next week. Until then Please to enjoy (or marvel if you feel so moved) one of my fun projects of late: Grandma Verna’s 95th Birthday cake. My Grandma Verna (okay, really Mike’s, but I claim her fully) is so cool, she¬† deserved an 18 tier cake! This did the job though, and it tasted so great! Thanks to marshmallow fondant, you can get a great looking cake that doesn’t taste like plastic. (It is pretty user-friendly, just a bit of work/time. Give it a try!) The flowers on top are made with traditional fondant (which you can work into a thinner, more elaborate shape; but it tastes-well-you’ve all had wedding cakes.) Everything on the cake was edible. Now some pictures:

Grandma after blowing out the candles

Isn’t she so cute?



closeup on flowers