Today, was my birthday; and it was SO MUCH FUN! First of all, may I just say that I have the best husband ever, who gave me the day off. We started off with swiming class and my cute, cute friend Jodi brought cupcakes for us to enjoy. The girls had a ball!

Then we headed to parent observation at dance class. Which was so cute!

Then, oh joy! I went to lunch with some of my super fun friends, Julie, Val, Tawnya, and Rebecca. We had yummy food and LOTS of good conversation. In fact, we met at 11:30 and left the restaurant at 1:15–then left the parking lot at 3:20. Hehe, it was so much fun!

Photo #1: Taken by slightly inebriated 20 year old guy at table next to us

Photo #2: Taken by much more inebriated other guy who told us to

say “Tequila” like we were in Cabo. I love Val’s face!

After lunch, I went to run some errands (by myself!) and my Mom hunted me down for a birthday surprise! She found me in TJ Maxx (that sly Banana). She gave me 30 candies, pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars and cute green pearls to celebrate turning 30. (She is also a spoiling Banana. =D )

Finally, home to my grumpy girls and (after a few time outs for Megan) out to a yummy dinner with my wonderful honey! ( I missed a picture of this. Man!) Mike gave me a darling new coat. (picture to come) and is sending me to silversmithing class–wich I am stoked for! All in all, I feel very spoiled! Excellent birthday! Thanks guys!