all of usSadly, it has taken me several days and attempts to get this silly post up. I don’t know what is wrong with me, but fear of being cursed has me just finishing it quickly with the promise of a project post no later than Monday. ;-P Bare with me… I am a work in progress!

Well, we made it back from Las Vegas. It was certainly a weekend full of excitement. We logged a lot of hours (and painful gas dollars) in the car. Actually, the girls did admirably well. I am sick again (oh brother!) but still trying to keep on top things. (I am sure you have noticed that this blog isn’t one of those things. ;-P ) My big sister graduated from UNLV this weekend. She is amazing! (However, as I know she reads this, I won’t embarrass her by illustrating all of the details.) For as long as I can remember, I have wanted tomeg and pam be just like her because she is so-well-cool. I can still vividly remember standing in front of her closet as a tween just looking at her clothes thinking of how I was going to be just like her in this way or that. The funny thing is that I still do it. She does something or has something and pretty soon (if I can afford to,) I usually follow suit. From silly little things like a flower pot to hold my kitchen sink stuff to jewelry trends; I will probably always be the admiring little sister. (That is probably pushing it for not gushing over her.) It was very fun to be there with her to celebrate this accomplishment. And to see her drool-inspiring new house. I just kept saying “wow.” as I looked around. It is so beautiful. I especially love their concrete floors.ready to swim

Mike is going to bed and I am SO tired, I want to follow. (Besides, Emily (who is sadly also sick) will probably be up in an hour or so again. Last night it took me a couple of hours to get her back to sleep-at least for a couple more hours.) I have really used a lot of parentheses–I think it is a sure sign that I should give up and go to bed. Good night!