Front view of birdMegan made this little bird in preschool last Thursday and she has loved it so much that I had to get directions from Miss Shan so that  you can do with it with your little one. She has carried this guy around and carefully placed him in Emily-proof spots when he is not in her arms, admonishing me, “Careful, the birdie is veeery fragile.” It is super simple, but a super big pleaser!

Brown lunch bag

Decorative moss (in the floral section of your craft store)

2 cotton balls (colored ones are cute)

googlie eyes

orange construction paper

White school glue (like Elmer’s)

Directions:Side view of bird

1. Roll the bag down so that is makes a nest or bowl shape and fill with the moss.

2.  Fold the construction paper in half  and cut a triangle for the beak.

3. Glue one cotton ball on top of the other.

4. Run a bead of glue along the fold of the beak and glue on.

5. Finish by gluing on eyes and settling the bird in the nest.