What? Collage is about scissors and glue, right? Yes it is, but any collage would be enhanced with a little treatment to the paper before the typical steps. This will need to be a 2-day (or morning and afternoon) project. I know you have time, since it is summer.


paper (I used white, but colored paper would look nice with acrylics)


paint (watercolor or acrylic will work great. I would avoid tempera, as it tends to flake.)




Not necessary, but  recommended:

poster board

Foam tape (to create different heights)


1. Paint on the paper, it’s pretty simple. Any design will work, since you are going to be cutting it up, it’s not necessary to get too detailed. I did swirls in a a few different shades  of each main color, then topped it with some Jackson Pollack paint dripping. Paint the background onto another piece of paper or the poster board.

2. After the paintings have dried, flip them over and sketch out the basic shapes for your picture. Then cut them out. To get the crinkled look I used, wet the paper down and gently wad it up; then smooth it out again as much as desired. Let it dry and it will hold that form.

3. Now glue the shapes onto the background. If you are using foam tape, layer different amounts of tape to make the objects in the scene stand out. (For example, I used on piece of tape on one tree. On the tree next to it, I layered 3 pieces of tape, then 2 on another, and 4 on a different tree; so that each tree was a different height above the paper.)

4. Pretty simple. Now try experimenting. You and your little artist can come up with some really amazing work.