While perusing Allred Designs, I saw her darling journal jar. My first, uncomfortable and brief though was It’s been years since I have faithfully kept a journal, yikes! Happily the guilt was quickly replaced with envy over these darling paper roses:

Hello! to die for! Even better, Little Birdie Secrets has a video tutorial on how to make them and they are EASY! (Oh bliss!) By the way, I think Little Birdie Secrets might just be my favorite new site. It is jam-packed with awesome ideas!

Okay, now for my dilemma: I can’t get the girls to clean up their room lately. I refuse to let them play games/have treats/play with friends/go swimming/have lunch with grandma until it is done and they still don’t care. They go upstairs and play for hours, not cleaning, just getting out more toys. Each day that we are in this standoff only produces a messier room. I don’t know what to do! If you have ideas please let me know!!! I am sick of spending everyday trying to coerce them into cleaning and I don’t want to give in and do it myself. Ack!