MaterialsThis is a great (and quick) gift for Mother’s Day. It does require a trip to the craft store; but that is likely to be the most time consuming part. I did these with my 8-12 year old girls tonight and they loved them…and had a great time putting them together.



Shrinky Dink for Inkjet printers

jump rings (I like medium size for this)

headpins (in the beading section)

frame bead

large beads (just a couple or so)

black satin cording



necklace1. Prepare your Shrinky Dinks as directed on the package. I suggest sizing your picture about 1.4-1.9 inches. Don’t forget to punch a hole in it before baking!

2. Measure you cord (I just put it around my neck and cut.) Knot the ends and knot the loop end around the frame bead.

3. Attach the picture (shrinky dink) charm to the frame bead with a jump ring.

4. Thread a head pin through one of the beads, then wrap it around the frame and twist.

5. Snuggle your necklace into a hand-made card and you are set!