This kept a few my nieces and nephews mesmorized for a few hours (and made a pretty good sized mess.) It is funny how much like the maker the doll turned out to be. (You’ve got to love the one of Zane, complete with black air-cast–he broke a bone in his foot.) I put out my box art stuff (a collection of everything from sequins and ric-rac to silk flowers and scraps of fabric.) so that they could choose a few different embellishments. Really, you cold do this with just popsicle sticks and yarn; but I have listed the most used other items as well bellow.

Materials:Morgan’s doll with a bed

Popsicle sticks

Yarn (for hair and clothes)

Beads (for eyes)

Small pompoms

Small flowers


Glue (We used Aleene’s, but Elmer’s would be fine. Hot glue would be nice because it would dry quick, but I had too many kids around to deal with it.)


1. Cut about half way up the center of a popsicle stick. (This is a little tricky; it was fine for my 7 year old nieces, but younger kids would need help.) Gently pull the two halves apart a little.

2. Cut an 8 inch piece of skin colored yarn for the head. Glue one end of the yarn to the stick and wrap it several times around the stick so that it makes a head shape. Tuck the end in or glue.

3. Glue on beads for eyes (you could also cut little bits of yarn and glue them on.)

4. To make the hair, wrap yarn several times around your hand (or something else that is about 2xs as long as you want the hair to be.)

5. Slip off and loosely tie a piece of yarn around the middle of the coiled yarn (hair) and glue to the head. (You may need to hold it down for a bit while it dries.) Cut through the loops at the bottom and trim up as desired.

6. Wrap the body in the color you want for the shirt. (Do this the same as the head, only wrap around once or twice.) When you get to the legs, go completely down one, tie off or glue then start at the top of the other. (You will want to secure the beginning with a bead of glue like you did for the head.)

7. Now embellish: I cut the edge of a sequin to make the mouth, you could also use yarn. We used pompoms for feet and for the body of one dress (the rest of which is a pink feather) and the small flowers were also very popular.Weston’s crazy doll

You can make them life-like or, like Weston, you can get a little crazy with it! The kids liked this so much that they quickly progressed to making beds for the dolls, then cell phones, the a couple of just funny designs. They loved this and it can easily fill up an afternoon or more.

My cute nieces hard at work