here’s the news magnet boardSo, this week was a crescendo of manic energy. A friend asked me to do her boutique about a week and half ago. As a person who perpetually fails at saying no, I have been working like mad to get ready for this craft-stravaganza. Here’s the plug for you locals:

All Through the House Boutique

Nov. 7-10

10 am-7 pm

2022 East Alison Cr. (4130 South)

The lesson from this little adventure (besides learn to say no, which I am sure I still haven’t really

vintage window with dried flowers

learned): You can either get a few projects done (something I have an endless supply of) OR have a rel

atively clean house AND still be a good mom.

…This is probably my way of saying that I am very embarrassed about the state of our house. So the To-Do list for tomorrow:

1. Clean the kitchen

2. Take down the Halloween decorations (yes, they are still up…)

3. Pick up all of the crafting crap ( a.k.a. take back my house!)

4. Vacuum (everything)

5. Take the girls to the park

6. RELAX! (Which actually started on Saturday with a fun night with errands, park, and Crown Burger with our fun friends Andrew and Ali Flegal –how cute is Megan here?)cowboy magnet board

Megan at the park