That is life summed up for me right now. I have a billion projects that are hovering over my head and I feel like I can hardly keep up with my two little peanuts. I am looking into starting up art classes again. It has been something that I kept saying I would do and a few weeks ago another art teacher called me and all of the sudden the ball is rolling. Now if only I can keep up! girls

I am also doing some cake decorating on the side. It is a great creative outlet. I carve and sculpt everything from airplanes to flowers. This takes a while-usually about 7-10 hours of work, but it is fun (and frustrating) to do. Also, I am finally making some progress on designing this website. Woohoo! Expect to see that soon. (Oh, the frustration! oh, the learning curve! Oh, the two girls vying for space on my lap!)

Meanwhile, in the last few days I have hit a new level of sleep deprivation. Seriously, I was up 14 times last night. If you have sleep tricks for the kids, please post them-now! I am desperate. On the happier side of things though, waking life is better. Megan seems to be mellowing out. We are having so many more happy moments and fewer timeouts. I think the turn-around came when I lost my temper and yelled at her for the first time on Sunday. I was so mad and just let go and yelled out “That’s enough! You are having time out in your room with the gate!” (Which is our most severemeg1.jpg punishment–and it works, she hates it by the way.) The look on her face (before she started screaming at the top of her lungs) made me feel like the worst mom ever. The funny thing is that instead of feeling really crappy, it was enough to jolt me out of being angry with her. She was a nightmare for the rest of the day, but I was able to handle it and remember that she is just two and doing the best she can. My improved attitude has made a difference and she seems happier. I am sure it is because I am more pleasant and giving and she responds to that. I don’t know; it has only been a couple of days, but I am hoping to make this last…even despite the fact that the nights are getting longer and longer as Mike and I get up more and more. As my sister loves to say “All bleeding stops eventually.” 😉