my purse (and contents)Well, here it is. I have a lot of junk. I decided to throw out the various wrappers from the park today before taking a picture. Also omitted is my lotion, which Megan confiscated. (It was really hard to keep her out of my display of purse booty. Here’s the breakdown for the rest of it:

1. Harveys Seatbelt Bag in medium size-Can I just say that I love LOVE this bag! My sis gave it to me and it is perfect! It holds a ton, but not enough to weigh you down. It is also wicked durable! (Which as you can imagine is perfect for me.)

2. Makeup bag-to hold my stuff and provide another barrier for the girls to get through before playing with said stuff.

3. Tissues-yeah, we go through these pretty quickly.

4. Hand-sanitizer spray

5. Sanitizing wipes-for when the spray isn’t enough.

6. Snacks for the girls-raisins, Craisins, fruit snacks

7. Snacks for me-York peppermint patty and Icebreakers Restore pomegranate lemon-aid mints

8. Yes, that is a giant Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker (and yes, I do use it.)

9. Checkbook and cool flat orange wallet

10. Toys, toys, toys

11. Mike’s church keys

12. Diaper-it is so typical that there are no wipes, I always seem to be out.

13. Treo-my beloved phone/attempt at being organized

It’s actually not too bad. There are often a few more items shoved in there! I am tagging anyone who wants to clean out their purse too. Pamela, I am pretty curious to see how organized yours is. (Probably perfect.) Julie, I would love to see what’s in yours, too bad you don’t blog. Actually, now that I think about it, I am pretty curious to see what is in a lot of your purses. If you’ve got time, why not dump it out for our entertainment?