a close-up of the ghostsHooray! Halloween is here and I am so ready to get spooky! I noticed some adorable luminary ghosts in this issue of Family Fun made out of milk cartons. Unfortunately, we do not get many visitors traipsing up our front walk. So I took the basic idea and made a goulish garland for our front porch. Beside being great looking, it is cheap and easy and made from recycled milk cartons.

My goulish garland


This depends highly on how long you want the garland to be.

Milk jugs (rinsed and without caps and labels)

Black tulle (I used about 7 yards)more ghosts

Yarn or string

Black permanent marker or paint

Utility knife and/or scissors


1. Cut an X in the bottom of a milk jug then use scissors to make jagged Vs up past the curve of the bottom to the side.

2. Bend the Vs out so that they are pointing out, down and in.

3. Draw the faces. I liked the simple ones best (with small “dot” type eyes…but see what works for you.)

4. Tie string through the handles to create a garland. (Take your long line through the handle and knot it, then through to the next.) It is best to leave some space in between them, about 6-8 inches.

5. Cut the tulle into strips. (It is fine for them to be jagged, just roll or bunch it up (so the short side is rolled and cut.) Knot the strips on the yarn between the jugs.

glue bead on foam letterI also did a Happy Halloween banner by cutting the letters out of fun foam and then laying them out (backwards) and hot gluing them to 2 lines of wire. (It took a little trial and error, but running a bead of hot glue along the wire is the best way I have found to keep the letters on.