The finished spider webWe are spending a fabulous 9 days with our 4 nieces and nephews while their parents (along with Mike’s younger brother and his parents) take an even more fabulous Mediterranean cruise. Morgan, their oldest daughter is one seriously crafty girl! We have been having a ball. Today we made these spider webs. They are easy to do and are great for kids over 5.


3 black pipe cleaners (per spider web)

black yarn

spider materials (see below)


1. Hold the 3 pipe cleaners in a bundle and twist them (all together) in the middle. (See image below)

2. (They should now be intertwined.) Arrange the legs to create the spokes of the web.

3. Cut a length of yarn about 1 1/2 feet long and tie the end to the tip of one of the spokes.

4. Working around the circle, move from spoke to spoke, wrapping the yarn tightly around each pipe cleaner you pass.

5. You can also connect lines of the web by tying the line onto the middle of another line of yarn.

6. Knot it at the center when you have gone around until as many times as you like and leave a length for the spider to dangle on, if desired.Step 1

Some spider options:

1. A store-bought spider works great. You can wrap yarn around its legs to attach it.

2. A body cut out of felt or paper would also be good. Fold the paper (or felt) in half and cut 2 body shapes. Then use 4 pipe cleaners sandwiched between for the legs.

3. You can also make a spider from a large and medium (or medium and small) pom-poms glued together. Googley eyes are great for either of the handmade options.

4. I made mine with 3 more pieces of pipe cleaner. I cut 4 three-inch lengths and bent them into an M shape Then used the rest to circle around them Ms, holding them together and create a ball shape for the body.