tree 1I love spring, when all of the trees don lacy petticoats and sway in the breeze. This is a great activity to do after a walk or trip to the park, when you are inspired by the spring foliage.

Fairly quick

Ages: 2 + (Older kids will produce great paintings, younger will love just exploring the paint with their straw.)



Tempra or Acrylic paint


Paint well or paper plate

Wipes (Good idea to contain messes)


1. We did this on the floor so that Megan could get over her painting easier. The table works fine too. If you are using tempra, just drip a little puddle on the bottom of the page. If you are using acrylic, you will want to thin it a little. I put some in a baggie and added a few drops of water; then squished to mix it. (Keep adding until it is about the consistency of milk.)tree 2

2. Put your straw close to the puddle at the bottom and gently blow, directing it upward to create your tree trunk. The paint will naturally want to branch off. Just have fun with it.

3. Squirt a little paint into a paint well or paper plate (soft pastels will look realistic, but feel free to be a little more wild with it.) You don’t want it to be too deep, so spread it out a little. Then dip your finger tips in and press them onto the paper to make blossoms on the tree.

4. Experiment with doing different types of trees or up-close views of branches.