I am way excited that I have finally gotten my act together to offer some day camps this summer. These are always so much fun because we have time to really get into a project. I am so excited to play with my students again. Since I don’t really have the old art class site up, I thought I would post my schedule. Here it is:

Artist Study: Alexander Calder
7/18 10:00-3:30 $65
Calder is one of the funnest artist in history. Take a look at his work from wire art and miniature circuses to giant metal sculptures. Then try your hand at some wirework too. We will make wire portraits and construct our own Calder-esque mobiles. Location: Miss Shan’s classroom

Artist Study: Claude Monet
7/23 10:00-3:30 $65
Monet chased light and was a quick draw. (Well, painter anyway) Look into the Impressionists’ philosophy on painting and s pend a day painting like Monet. Meet at Keersten’s then find a shady spot to paint a canvas board and draw (with pastels) your own Monet landscapes.

Become a Children’s Book Illustrator
7/25 10:00-3:30 $65
A take a look at some great illustrators and discuss what makes their art great. Then get to work creating your own hardcover book, where students will illustrate a favorite story or write their own. Location: Miss Shan’s classroom

Color Usage
7/30 10:00-3:30 $65
Ever wonder why certain colors are used in paintings? Color is key in developing the emotion and feel of a piece. It is also often used to symbolize ideas. Learn the process an artist uses to decide which colors to use in their work and explore it on your own. As well as how to mix colors and color theory. We will create our own painting on canvas board. Location: Miss Shan’s classroom

8/8 10:00-3:30 $70
This class is recommended for artists age 9+ . We will take a look at various influential sculptors and the techniques they used. Then we will create our own works with base relief and armature/structural techniques. Location: Miss Shan’s classroom

Study of Animals
8/10 10:00-4:00 $70
Learn the techniques to quickly and realistically capture animals; then spend the day sketching and painting with Sumi brushes at Hoogle Zoo. Meet at Keersten’s house

Play with Clay
8/13 10:00-3:30 $65
This class is recommended for artists age 4-8 . We will take a look at various influential sculptors and the techniques they used. Then we will create our own works, focusing on creating mini animals and will create our own small scene. Location: Miss Shan’s classroom

the Big Messy Movement
8/15 10:00-3:30 $65
This class is all about exploring art and having fun. Wear old clothes and be ready to get dirty! Recommended for younger artists, we will study some really messy artist throughout history and try out techniques like prehistoric hand painting and Jackson Pollack painting. Location: Keersten’s house

Landscapes (traditional)
8/17 10:00-3:30 $65
Look into the techniques necessary to to create wonderful landscapes; such as perspective, atmospheric perspective and color gradients. We will meet at Keersten’s and then walk to a couple of close-by vistas to draw our own landscapes. The primary media for this class will be charcoal and pastel.

Expressionist and Abstract Landscapes
8/21 10:00-3:30 $65
This is a great follow-up to the traditional landscape class. Students will learn to look at their surroundings with new eyes and focus on creating an emotional statement more than representing reality. We will look at the work of artists such as Georges Seurat and Salvidor Dali to see just how crazy landscapes can be; we will then create our own painting on canvas board. Meet at Keersten’s and walk to painting locations.

Most classes are based more on interest and experience than age. All classes include supplies and lunch. Schedule is subject to change based on class size.

Contact Keersten to register or for more information summer2007@leapintoart.com