Glad there was a sign to warn us.I don’t know what is wrong with me; we have had a ton going on, but I just haven’t wanted to write about any of it. So my big news:

Megan started preschool: Wahoo! She is taking her time warming up to it, but things have been nuts lately. I am sure she is going to love it. she has the BEST teacher…I am sure there will be more to come on this subject.

I took a great girl’s trip to Oregon with my big sister to help my Mom sort through my little sister’s things. It was emotional and a TON of fun. We laughed and laughed and ate good food (mmm…Tidal Raves. If you are ever in Depot Bay, OR, you have to go!) It was great to spend time with just the girls. We got to be silly and really talk and do all the things that girls tend to do when they congregate withoutAmy and me their children and husbands.

Now I am home and have hit the ground running (as my cute honey is taking some time with the boys–who don’t talk and laugh so much as play golf and video games.)

So now we are all caught up (and I can delete the other 5 posts I have started.) Next week: another project (I am thinking it is time for a clay recipe) and my little brother (in-law) is coming home from a 2-year mission to Norway!!! So, tonight I a will go try to clean up my sorry basement and next week we will be back on track. (As my Mom likes to say: Love ya, mean it, bye!)Mom and Pamela