I just don’t have it in me to blog lately. We have had the stomach flu (or something with similar symptoms) and well, life has just been so crazy that I haven’t wanted to share. Today I have been industriously cleaning my house in hopes that it will carry over to the rest of my life. While there have been a few external pressures that have been stressful; I also feel like it is a chance to take stock and set some goals to hopefully make life a little better from here on out. Allow me to share and promise a project in a few days.

1. Write down what I eat. (Not so much as a diet thing as a “getting control over anything I can actually control” thing.)

2. Pick up toys before dinner. (This is a perenial goal for me. I just think it would be nice for Mike to come home to a clean house-again still.)

3. Tell the girls one thing that I appreciated/liked about them during the day. Mike mentioned yesterday that I tell Emily she is cute more often than Megan. It made me realize that I need to make more of an effort with Meg. Emily tends to cuddle up to me, making it easy to share these things. I think this will be a genuine and meaningful way of letting the girls know how much I love them. It also seems like a nice bedtime ritual, something that I can share in a quiet moment. We’ll see how that goes.

One good thing about life is that I am painting again. (A benefit of taking a break from the book stuff.) I am really excited about what I am doing and look forward to sharing pictures soon. Now, there is a microwave waiting to be cleaned…