Megan painting1. It is more fun (for both of you) when you leave your expectations behind. Kids come up with some really great and creative stuff when we don’t force our ideas on them.

2. It is also more fun if you do it too. Your child will love spending this time working along side you and you’ll get to let your “inner child” out a little

3. Don’t always offer instructions. Enjoy sitting back and watching your child explore. (This is how I learned that you can sculpt with glue.)

4. Do what you want them to do. Referred to as modeling, it is often more effective to carefully dip your own paintbrush and lightly stroke it along the paper rather than nag her to stop mashing the bristles into her painting.

5. Mix media– have fun and get creative. Chances are if you think it might be fun…it will be. paintings

6. Paint and clay remain the most popular activities for a reason. (Sure they are both messy, but the are both always fun.)

7. It doesn’t have to be a big production (or a masterpiece for that matter.) There is something to be said for quick crafts as well as doodling.

8. Saying “Tell me about your drawing.” fosters creativity better than “What is it?” (It doesn’t have to be anything.)

9. Don’t over compliment. Kids can sense disingenuity. Instead try using neutral factual statements. (You used red, yellow, and black.)

10. Always remember that art is about self-expression and having fun. When you keep that in mind, it will be a great experience.