chubby meThis weekend I weaned Emily. She’ll be a year next week and it seemed like time. She is doing really well with her new friend, the bottle. And my biggest excuse to not stress about the baby weight has dried up. So lookout lipids, I am on the weightloss bandwagon. After a little research, I am going with Tim Ferriss’ plan of “slow-carbs” and high protein diet (with a free day each week and a high intensity weightlifting program with cardio 3-4 times a week (and yoga twice if I can get my act together.) I am pretty excited and will update on my progress. I hope to loose 35-40lbs. so it is a pretty major undertaking. But I think I am little healthier mentally, so I am not supper obsessed with the numbers this time. Woohoo for healthy goals! (and let’s all just hope I feel the same in three weeks. ;-P)