Applying the design with startchThese turn out so great and are surprisingly easy to do.


Tissue paper in a variety of colors

(I also put out a few rolls of crepe paper for more texture)

Liquid starch (laundry isle at your grocery store)


wax paper

pipe cleaner or cardstock for the body


1. Pour liquid starch into small bowls and set out with other materials. Tear off a sheet of wax paper large enough to accomodate your butterfly.

2. Tear (or cut) small pieces of tissue paper and lay down on the wax paper in the design you want for your butterfly wings.

3. Gently brush the tissue paper with the starch, make sure that you get all of your wing wet with the starch.

4. Let dry, then peel off of the wax paper.

5. Use the pipe cleaners or cut a body from construction paper. (Use both, if you’d like.)

6. These look cute hung in the window or perched on a dresser or mirror.

Finished butterfly

Gently peel the wing off of the paper Gluing the wings onto body