The kids are out of school and most likely are going to be driving you nuts about the time you pull the pies out of the oven (or the shopping bag–whatever.) Why not put them to work making your table turkey-tastic?


construction paper (brown and orange for the feet and beak, as well as the colors you want thedirections for folding the cup feathers to be.)

glue (I used hot glue for more structural support, but it can be done with any type.)


scotch tape


1. Make an origami cup by cutting a brown piece of paper into a square. Fold the square horizontally to make a triangle.

2. Hold the triangle so that the longest side is at the bottom and the point(a) is up and then fold each tip(a) down to the base to make a crease, then put them back up. (You are only creasing and going back to the triangle.)

3. Fold each of the base point(b) to the middle of the opposite side.

4. Now fold the points(a) back down. (One side will cover the two tips(b) that are folded up. This is your turkey’s body.

5. Cut a beak by folding a piece of orange paper and cutting a triangle (leave the fold as the base side of the triangle.)

6. Cut out a wobble, feathers and feet (that are wide enough to support the rest of the turkey.)

7. Glue the pieces together and fill the cup with candy or trailmix and write the names of your guests on the feet if you want to use them as place cards.