I love Valentine’s Day. A few years ago we (and by we, I mean me) gave up on the traditional romantic/prove how much you love me by getting me a gift/aka: sure-to-fail-expectations holiday and made it a family thing. We have a fancy dinner with sparkling cider, a dressed up table and dessert with the girls. I like to place a pretty little gift on everyone’s plate for this event. Nothing extravagant or expensive, just a little necklace or bracelet for the girls and maybe a bore snake or some ammo for Mike (because he is very romantic like that.) Last year, I made these crackers (as in English Christmas Crackers) to house a few treats and a necklace for the girls. A matchbox car would fit perfectly in there. Whatever you place in them, they will definitely add to the festive spirit of your dinner. You can order snaps for less than $5 to put in them and give them an authentic pop or just keep it simple and still delight little hands.


toilet paper tube
wrapping or tissue paper
ribbon or string
some sort of prize or treat
paper to wrap around tube (if desired)


1. (Here you need to choose if you want the cracker to break apart-use tissue paper if so, or to be a little more study. In which case, the tube will be solid and the end will pull off-you can use either wrapping paper or tissue paper here.) If making a tube that will break apart, cut the toilet paper tube in half. If you want it solid, you might still want to trim it down (because generally speaking, smaller is cuter…and needs less filling.)

2. Measure just enough wrapping/tissue paper to cover the tube and wrap it around.

3. Tie one end with ribbon or string and place goodies inside. If you are using a snap, secure it into place with minimal tape. Then tie the other end closed.

4. If desired, cut a length of paper to wrap around the tube–this is just decorative. Write the recipients name on it if you like and place it at the table.

Hope you guys have a fun hearts day. What are your fun traditions?