I don’t know about you, but I still feel like I am just getting over the holidays. (It’s true, I was shocked to realize that we are actually in the second week of January-yikes!) My sister-in-law works for a greeting card company and she went this week to stock the Valentine’s Day cards at the grocery stores. It seemed a little premature. However, as I have thought about it, it isn’t a bad idea to start gearing up now. I am not saying you should pull out your heart door hanger. But if you were to start now, your child could hand-make valentine’s for each friend and classmate without it turning into a major ordeal.

You might think of it as a Valentine’s advent activity. Start by making a list of everyone they want to make a card for. (Include grandparents and cousins, classmates and friends…maybe even that cute neighbor next door.) Even Megan is going to send a few Valentines this year–by getting a jump on it now, it seems more like fun than a chore. Break down your list and each day do one or two (however many you need to be done by February 13th.) I am looking for cute ideas and will post them on the Valentines Cards project page as I find them. Feel free to share your own ideas. Even if you prefer to buy your child’s favorite cartoon character, it would be good to start soon and do one or two a day, then they can think of meaningful personal message rather than being overwhelmed by just writing their name on 25 or more cards.

One option is to round up some fun materials (Like those in your found art box) and let your child go crazy with them. Some favorites: glitter and sequins, pipe cleaners, and buttons. Look for ways to reuse and recycle and submit your valentine to this contest.