Well, we are home and strangely, I feel as though we were out of town and not just over a mile away. So now I am trying to get my house back in order (how did it get to be such a mess?) and trying to catch up on the various things I let slip. First on that list: Halloween costumes. Tomorrow is the girl’s first Halloween party and we are not outfitted yet. Other than the fact that it is super crazy, I guess is the fact that it is super boring to write about. (I can only imagine how bored you are.) I think I could use a get-away day. You could use a project: at least one of us will get what we need tomorrow. ;-D

In the meantime, let me share a creative site for making your walls a little more exciting. Scroll down a little to see the Sticky Weed stencil which they did on the wall and over onto a little cabinet. You can buy stencils from them, I think I might have to do something to make my living room walls a little more exciting…this is the site to check for it!