Before you feel sorry for me, let me just say that I am okay with it; it is just who we have become. Anyway, we have been enjoying nightly festivities for pretty much the last 2 weeks. It has been great, but sadly I am about partied out. Last night we opted out of what I am sure was a fun Eddie-brand fondue New Year’s fete to get the girls in bed and watch downloaded Battlestar Galactica episodes. I have to admit that I was a little depressed at just how lame and anti-social we have proved ourselves to be–I mean, really! We redeemed a little by having Mike’s little brother, Brent and his super-cute girlfriend, Katie over for some fondue of our own tonight. It was great to have a little contact with people who don’t live within our walls.

Megan and Abby in just one of MANY outfits…Here’s a dramatic moment of sadness for Saturday, when the Peterson’s headed home to New Mexico. Megan has been heartbroken and can’t even talk about other friends at this point. When I have asked her if she wants to play with anyone she will refuse. Tonight when she was asked about cute Eliza, she said “Eliza isn’t my friend. Abby is my friend!” (This is the Eliza that only a couple of weeks ago was proclaimed as her “greatest friend.”)

We have had a few good distractions; on Friday we had Heaps of fun (haha). Pamela and I met for lunch (ah, grilled goat cheese and roasted red pepper sandwiches–heaven!) Then went to Salt Lake Running Co. to get some new shoes. The best was when we sat down on the bench, wearing our matching plum Keen Bronx and holding our seatbelt bags. When the sales rep. said “Nice purses.” We just smiled and said “We are sisters.” (Insert the appropriate amount of sarcasm here.) Oh brother! We then headed up (in the flying snow) to Solitude to do a little winter swimming and pizza-eating with her and Nathan. It was crazy to be in the pool while snow was falling. Megan loved it! (Picture to come….)

Onto the obligatory disclosal of resolutions. (Actually I am really excited about this year. I totally agree with Amy’s gut. So here it is:

1. Get Emily a scrapbook and catch up on Megan’s. (Umm, anyone want to start a scrapbooking night with me? Maybe once a month? Ali, you’re the social networking queen…any urge to jump onboard?)

2. Get the stinking book done! (Of course right now, just getting a craft post up feels olympic.)

3. We are whole-heartedly supporting our stake’s effort to get our emergency storage and plan together. (We are surprisingly not doing too bad with this one.)

…And here are the ones that I dust off every few months when my good intentions overcome my good sense.

4. Learn to play the guitar, specifically practice at least 15 minutes everyday.

5. (A new take on loose the weight:) Eat like a part-time model.

6. And finally, you know, the vague but ambitious: be a super organized, positive mom that really takes time and June Cleaverenjoys the joys of the quickly slipping away childhood moments, while helping her kids develop into talented, bright, well-adjusted geniuses in her perfectly clean house.

…no problem!