I am enjoying the usual Christmas count-down fun. Tonight we delivered the last of our neighbor goodies, I have most of our shopping done and only one major project to finish up; which is pretty good, I think. I am booking to get everything done. There is a certain part of me that really wants to get Christmas here, so I can just be done. It is almost as if the girls can sense that something major is going on and are responding with plenty of naughtiness. I guess they are trying to figure out what Santa’s limits are. ;-P

The low-point: When we went to visit my cute friend from college, Becky. Megan bickered with her little boy over everything; then threw a huge tantrum and refused to go to the bathroom at their house. (A common problem for about a week or so.) About 10 minutes later, she climbed up onto my lap and cuddled up to me (I am thinking, My sweet girl must not feel so red hot. Tender.) and then about a minute after that, she peed all over both of us (as well as Becky’s new couch.) It was so lovely to be about a 45 minute drive from home with pee all down my legs and a crying 3 year old. Argh.

The high-points: Megan’s 3 million mentions of how much she wants a pink bike. Megan’s train worksheet(Including a few pictures from preschool like this one.) This morning she wrapped her arms around my neck and kicked her feet up. In her happy little sing-song voice she declared “Look Mom, I am a necklace!” Pretty cute!

Also, my super-fun friend, Ali and I went to get a massage for the Utah Mama’s night out. She is the person I can be hyper and giggly with (yes, even more than usual…as she puts it, I know Suzy Sunshine.) Anyway, we tried to stop laughing long enough to relax while a stranger rubbed our backs….frankly, it was fabulous. So, I guess overall, taking an hour to have some fun with a friend probably can cancel out the embarrassment and frustration of well, being peed on by a grumpy 3 year old and under appreciated and over-crawled on all week.