I have been so sick (yes, again! What is wrong with me???) Honestly, I have just felt like my life is so crappy that I don’t even want to share it with the blogging community at large. However, my sister (who is graciously hosting our family for Thanksgiving) left me a cute message tonight about being excited for the fete; along with the parting challenge: “Maybe we should see if we can find some fun new recipes to try.” emily eating grapes

I have to admit that we don’t have a strong Thanksgiving tradition. My parents actually prefer fish and chips at the coast for Thanksgiving dinner. However, as of Thursday they officially reside in Utah, not Oregon. (And Las Vegas-where Pamela and Nathan are-isn’t really known for their seafood anyway.) So, what are your favorite recipes? Amy, your french silk pie is definitely in. Julie, I want to hear from you–you fabulous cook, you! Anyone else: come on, impress me. I’ll throw out a menu next week sometime and hopefully a cheery I feel good about life post along with a turkey project for the kiddies. (I thought I’d better throw in this cute picture of Emily, just to prove that Megan doesn’t own all of the good looks in the fam.)

–sad, tired, sick girl out.