Those who know me, know that I tend to keep my spiritual feelings a little more quiet. It is something that means a lot to me and is harder for me to really share a ton. However, I attended this wonderful meeting on charity and become Christ-like tonight and I really wanted to share and put a commitment that I am making out there. I have heard the phrase (becoming Christ-like) so many times that, honestly, I really haven’t given this principle the weight in my life that I should. There is a reason for the repetition though. Becoming Christ-like truly is the whole point of the Gospel. It is the reason we are here on this earth. It is also a very tall order. I think this is partially why I have put it aside in my thoughts, if I was really focused on becoming Christ-like as much as I should be, I would probably be having a lot of negative feelings about myself. We all know that that is the opposite of what Christ wants for us though, right? (After all, man is that he might have joy.)

So how do we go about becoming Christ-like and not feeling like worms? (As Augustine, the Catholic monk so aptly described mankind in his sinful state.) The answer lies (at least in large part) in charity. John Bletzacker (who is a fairly average guy that I really respect and admire) mentioned that while on a mission, he was teaching English classes in the Relief Society room of their church. In this room there is a large poster with the motto “Charity never faileth.” One of the students said that the poster really bothered him, that if charity never faileth, why did he pass a man eating out of the dumpster on the way to class. (Here is the point of this post:) What this man was thinking of as charity is an (admirable) attempt of men to be charitable, but Charity is a way of being. Charity is what Christ had when He atoned for our sins; when he died on the cross. That is pure, true, selfless love. And that is what we should be working toward here.

So, I did mention action at the beginning of this post and here it comes. Our Stake President challenged us to try living as though Jesus Christ were standing right next to us. Needless to say, there are a few things I would do differently. Honestly, the first thought that ran through my head was along the lines of I am good enough for right now. That will be a lot of work and I feel like I am working hard enough as it is. (Not really proud to admit that.) John had tried this for 2 weeks before giving his talk and he said that for him, he was still essentially going through the regular motions of the day, but his motivations were different. And it made a big difference. So, I am putting it out there. I am going to try it and commit to posting about it next Saturday. (Don’t worry, there will be a post for stained glass paintings or a clay project on Monday though.) And thanks for giving me an outlet for the important stuff, the spiritual thoughts that are sometimes hard for me to voice.