Well, chapter 2 in the “catching up with us” summer is to see what sweet Emily has been up to…em5

My little princess has just turned 3! I can hardly believe it. She is so big! She also has a “pretty little baby girl” in her tummy. It is a frequent topic of conversation. (Picture a very serious and concered face, here:) “Oh, my beautiful baby in my tummy is not feeling very well.” or “A candy makes my beautiful little baby girl in my tummy happy!” (Then she flashes a give-me-candy grin.)


She has taken 2 horse rides this summer and it is a very big highlight!

em3Emily spends a lot of time coloring lately. She loves coloring in her coloring book and occasionally, she colors out of her coloring book too.

em4How cute are these good sisters??? They play so well, it definitely makes things easier for a tired, pregnant mommy. How sweet is this?

em1Emily also feels passionate about her food (and the way she eats it.) Shredded wheat? Step 1: organize it. Step 2: eat the side with frosting. Step 3: eat the rest of the cereal.

em6Emily on her new bike. Birthdays are awesome! She was so excited about every little gift and surprise. It made everything so magical. Unfortunately, I can’t access the pictures from Mike’s camera. So no party pics to share. Yikes! Maybe she can have another update–if I can figure out how to open his folder on my laptop…

I love my sunshine girl!