I have to say, I really wanted to pick everyone. But Random.org has spoken and the winner is:

#10 Kristine:

I couldn’t remember so I had to go through photo albums and check. Our last official family (with no extended family) picture…taken by a person who is an actual photographer…was 1999. Even then, it was taken in the Target Photo Studio, probably by some teenager. We have had gracious family, friends and neighbors take pretty decent pics since then, but we haven’t had a “photographer” take our picture in 11 years. Last Christmas we tried to do it ourselves. Not so great…glare off of the fire place, bad…self timer shot…bad. Anyway, I think we are due!

I think she deserves it! 11 years is a long time to go! Although I know she has had some really qualified stand-ins. 😀 Congrats Kristine. I will forward your email to Stephanie and she will give you instructions on how to redeem.

You can still enter to win:
pyrex batter bowl
6 in 1 hammer/screwdriver set