witch’s broom bagsI am lame. We all have colds and I am rushing to get things ready for a boutique that I was asked to join at the last minute. (Yes, I am incapable of saying no.) Anyhow, we went to a great Halloween party at Stephanie Bletzacker’s on Wednesday. It was done with her usual style and everything was so cute. The kids were my favorite, of course; but in close second were these darling witch’s broom bags. Stephanie said that they aren’t hard to make, but possibly a little time consuming.

Materials: (per bag)

2 paper lunch bags

1 twig (about 12″ long)

yarn or string


treats to fill the bag.


1. Cut one of the paper bags into a fringe (about1/2″ wide and down to about 3/4″ from the bottom.

2. Open the bag and place the other (uncut bag) inside; fill with treats.a table full of fun

3. Pull the fringe up and squeeze the 2 bags closed. Stick the twig in and hold all of it together with one hand while you wrap the string around several times, then tie it off.the cute kids

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