Who wouldn’t be thrilled to see their artwork and an interview in print in an expensive ($100 retail) coffee table book? Well actually, Darren Di Lieto, the creator of the Little Chimp Society, a gathering place for illustrators–oh yea, and the dozens of artist who had their work pirated in the book. Let me explain. A company calling itself Great Creativity organization, a division of the Azur Corporation scraped LCS’s archive of interviews with various artists and published it, verbatim; including the artwork on a cd rom for people to use as clip art. What’s the big deal? The stereotype of starving artist is around for a reason. Very few artists get paid decently for their work. To get nothing at all while some shifty Hong Kong publisher makes good money off of you has to feel pretty crappy.

Since I really don’t have much to contribute, but this little outlet; I wanted to post the information here so that when someone searches for information about this book/company, they see a plethora (that was for you, Ali) of posts about fraud. You can see some great artwork and read more about this at LCS or Luc Latulippe’s blog. I also encourage you to post about it if you are as outraged as I am. Above all DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK!Book full of stolen illustrations and plagiarized work.

(For the engines, here is the info on the book:)

Art Director/Producer: Bernadette J
Graphic Design: Malcolm Lee
published by Great Creativity organization
ISBN 978-988-98142-0-5
12/F Chinachem Johnston Plaza Wan
178-186 Johnston Road
chia, Hong Kong