Megan cuttingUnderstandably, a good pair of children’s scissors is often not high on the list of things we want to give our three year olds. However, learning to cut is a valuable exercise which helps develop fine motor skills. This is what I reminded myself as Megan spotted my cup of scissors from art classes. She has done great with them; relishing the responsibility of doing such a “big girl” task. It is pretty cute. As are the pictures that are now sporting fringed edges.

In other news, she continues to progress on the potty front as well. She proudly told my Dad this afternoon: “I am a big girl. Emily is a baby.” When he asked “Would you girls like to get a cookie?” It is fun to have such a cute big girl in the house. For some fun, I highly recommend getting some scissors and sitting down to an art project. Two things to keep in mind: If you have a little one too (3-4 years old), it is impressive if they make a cut in the paper. Show them how to hold the scissors (several times) and applaud those cuts around the edge of the sheet. As they get better at it, cut out shapes of their own design and then squares and triangles moving to circles. Second, spend the $3 for Fiskars brand as they work so much better (and let’s face it, this is a tricky skill-so make it as easy as possible.) We have been having a ball the last couple of days creating! Take a gulp and risk the cuts to let your little one try out this fun activity too.