I didn’t think so. Yea, there is really nothing worth talking about going on right now. I am reliving my (somewhat broken record) trauma of kids who don’t sleep. For some reason, Emily has decided that she doesn’t need to be a good sleeper anymore. Honestly, I am sick of hearing myself complain about this though. It is starting to show with the girls, though. The crankiness factor has gone way up at our house. This morning was a a fabulous example of what happens when you reach red level.kid terror alert levels Michael had to work last night. (That’s right, there is an army of geeks maintaining the world’s systems while you sleep. It’s a thankless job.) Anyway, he stayed home from work to get some sleep. Like the great little mom that I am, (hold the laughs) I got the girls ready and headed off to church. Megan also slept in as she had been up half a dozen times on Saturday night.

Needless to say, she wasn’t exactly chipper this morning. When we pulled up outside of our building, she started to cry “I want to go to the white church!” (Which is our stake building that we went to last week.) I tried to get her up the sidewalk as she screamed hysterically. (A smart person probably would have turned around and went home; but I am obviously not very smart.) Outside the door, I got her calmed down a little and tried for the next level–going inside. This didn’t go well either. So we sat in the lobby for about 5 minutes while she screamed. (Think of it as performance art for our ward: frazzled mom holds 1 year old and 2 bags while trying to reason with screaming 3 year.) Opening hymn and prayer later, she has stopped crying and we head into the (now full chapel.) Only to resume the show during a (very quiet) baby blessing. As people start to stare, I realize my frantically whispered placations are no good. We have to go out. But she is thrashing around at this point; so how do I get her and Emily out? Seconds are ticking by, finally I just go with her, leaving my darling baby alone (bad mom!) Luckily cute Liz was there to save her.

Yea, we did calm down eventually. (I went right back for Emily, leaving Megan alone in the Relief Society room–still bad!) Megan was actually pretty good for the rest of the day…hopefully this was the proverbial rock bottom for us. I am optimistically hoping for some good sleep tonight. To any readers in my ward, I apologize for the noise.