popsicle stick dolls


So, I noticed that I haven’t posted a project since-well-Easter. Hmmm, what can I throw out there that would be helpful during these long hot summer afternoons. (Since swimming isn’t an art project.) These little dolls are a project from my book that are great for filling an afternoon with industrious fun. It kept my little “test group” busy for almost 4 hours. 🙂


Materials:Morgan’s doll with a bed

Popsicle sticks

Yarn (for hair and clothes)

Beads (for eyes)

Small pompoms

Small flowers

(Basically anything in your art box you want to throw out there.)


Glue (We used Aleene’s, but Elmer’s would work, it’s just very slow drying. Hot glue is the best option, it just presents other safety issues.)


1. Cut about half way up the center of a popsicle stick. (This is a little tricky; it was fine for my 7 year old nieces, but younger kids would need help.) Gently pull the two halves apart a little.

2. Cut an 8 inch piece of skin colored yarn for the head. Glue one end of the yarn to the stick and wrap it several times around the stick so that it makes a head shape. Tuck the end in or glue.

3. Glue on beads for eyes (you could also cut little bits of yarn and glue them on.)

4. To make the hair, wrap yarn several times around your hand (or something else that is about 2xs as long as you want the hair to be.)Weston’s crazy doll

5. Slip off and loosely tie a piece of yarn around the middle of the coiled yarn (hair) and glue to the head. (You may need to hold it down for a bit while it dries.) Cut through the loops at the bottom and trim up as desired.

6. Wrap the body in the color you want for the shirt. (Do this the same as the head, only wrap around once or twice.) When you get to the legs, go completely down one, tie off or glue then start at the top of the other. (You will want to secure the beginning with a bead of glue like you did for the head.)

7. Now embellish: I cut the edge of a sequin to make the mouth, you could also use yarn. We used pompoms for feet and for the body of one dress (the rest of which is a pink feather) and the small flowers were also very popular.

You can make them life-like or, like Weston, you can get a little crazy with it! The kids liked this so much that they quickly progressed to making beds for the dolls, then cell phones, the a couple of just funny designs. They loved this and it can easily fill up an afternoon or more.

fun with family


We have a been up to a ton of fun in the last several weeks with our awesome family. Here are a few highlights…

Goblin Valley with Brent and Katie

So can I just say that we wondered for years about the girl Brent would marry. I am sure he’ll be embarrassed if he reads this, so I will just say that he is pretty amazing. So we wondered can he find someone as cool as he is? Is it even possible?


Well, the truth is… yea. Katie rocks! I love having her for a s-i-l. You can imagine how much fun we had just hanging out in the red rocks several weeks ago.

m1 jake

Here is our awesome campsite. We are the ants at the bottom. Jake couldn’t get enough of the sandy campsite. He was so darling jumping and chasing around the sand that he would kick up. It was great entertainment.


The girls were just about as enchanted by the rocky landscape. They loved climbing around.


Battle At Midway with Pamela and Nathan

So, not so much of a battle for us supporters, but I am super proud of my awesome sis doing her 2nd triathalon. Nathan has done quite a few–they are hard core! (I just watch in awe.)



We had a ball watching with my Mom and Zeezee. After the race, we headed over to Zeezee’s house (which is a huge favorite for pretty much everybody in our family.) She and my Uncle Byron took us for rides on one of their horses, which left us all with big grins.



You decide who was most excited. 😀

Oregon with the Herzogs

It was so good to go home; even if it was only a few days. (Actually, I’ve been pretty homesick ever since.) Hazen had an interview in Salem and they were nice enough to let us tag along.


Taking a break from the drive up to let Janet feed Will and the kids play on the Columbia banks.


Is this a cute family or what???


tree for two


Multnomah Falls

4th of July

Unfortunately, we didn’t get pictures from the 4th. It is one of our favorite family traditions to have the Dads and kids in Mike’s family sleep out on the lawn the night before. Then we eat a big breakfast and watch the neighborhood parade that comes down our street. It is so much fun! This year we borrowed some Madsen bikes to decorate and ride in the parade. Of course the kids loved being charioted down the hill, throwing candy! Since each bike holds 4 kids, we actually almost fit all of them in. (Which is saying something!) Afterwards, Grandpa took Grandma Lu out for a spin!


How cute are they!?!

…yea, we pretty much have the best family ever.

orange shrimp

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This was good and is definitely something that is great for sharing with friends as it is super quick to throw together. I omitted the marjoram and oregano and added some lemon thyme that I grew this year. BTW, I LOVE the lemon thyme! I have been putting into everything! Let me tell you, lasagna with lemon thyme rocks! (Mmm, recipe to follow as soon as I can fire up the oven.)



  • ~1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 1/2 lbs medium shrimp, (peeled and deveined)
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/2 cup orange juice
  • 2 teaspoons marjoram
  • 2 teaspoons oregano
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 pkg. pasta (I like a thinner linguine)
  • vegetable of choice
  • baguette
  • butter
  • garlic salt
  • Parmesan or Asiago cheese


1. Bring water to a boil, add about a tsp. salt and then add pasta.

2. Heat oil in skillet and add shrimp and garlic. Cook, stirring, until shrimp turn pink. (Be careful not to overcook them. Otherwise you get tougher, tightly curled ones like you see above–not nearly as good!)

3. Add orange juice and bring to boil, cook 2-3 minutes until sauce thickens.

4. Cut baguette in half and butter liberally (to the edges, people!) Sprinkle with garlic salt and cheese and place under broiler.

4. Remove from heat, stir in marjoram, oregano, salt and pepper to taste, serve over buttered pasta.

5. Plate with vegetable and a piece of garlic bread.

what’s up ems?


Well, chapter 2 in the “catching up with us” summer is to see what sweet Emily has been up to…em5

My little princess has just turned 3! I can hardly believe it. She is so big! She also has a “pretty little baby girl” in her tummy. It is a frequent topic of conversation. (Picture a very serious and concered face, here:) “Oh, my beautiful baby in my tummy is not feeling very well.” or “A candy makes my beautiful little baby girl in my tummy happy!” (Then she flashes a give-me-candy grin.)


She has taken 2 horse rides this summer and it is a very big highlight!

em3Emily spends a lot of time coloring lately. She loves coloring in her coloring book and occasionally, she colors out of her coloring book too.

em4How cute are these good sisters??? They play so well, it definitely makes things easier for a tired, pregnant mommy. How sweet is this?

em1Emily also feels passionate about her food (and the way she eats it.) Shredded wheat? Step 1: organize it. Step 2: eat the side with frosting. Step 3: eat the rest of the cereal.

em6Emily on her new bike. Birthdays are awesome! She was so excited about every little gift and surprise. It made everything so magical. Unfortunately, I can’t access the pictures from Mike’s camera. So no party pics to share. Yikes! Maybe she can have another update–if I can figure out how to open his folder on my laptop…

I love my sunshine girl!

3 little girls


…that’s right! Watch out Michael. You are really outnumbered now!