backyard discovery giveaway

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Backyard Discovery is giving away an Oxford Playset and Cedar Chateau Playhouse for the holidays. Can you imagine the look on your kids face when they saw that in the backyard? It would be incredible! Just head over to  Backyard Discovery on Facebook and like them to enter.

You can also spend a little time daydreaming at Just the thought….better than sugarplums dancing in your head for sure!

silhouette cameo deal

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I have been daydreaming about the Silhouette Cameo for a while and was super excited to see the big crafting blogs offer a special black Friday deal for the Cameo. I almost bought one at 12:01 last night, but this morning Mike sent me a link to Amazon, where the Cameo is selling for $249, PLUS no shipping and no sales tax. I thought it was worth passing along.

…you know, just in case you are pining away like me. 😀

Silhouette Cameo on Amazon

thanksgiving centerpieces


I am over at Whatever DeeDee Wants today sharing some ideas for creating a fun and inexpensive centerpieces for your table. Check the options then come on over and see how to put it together:

(Seriously, easy and on the cheap, ladies!)

If you want to put those kiddos to work, here is a tutorial for making paper turkey place holders.




I am a little late, but wanted to post some pictures from Halloween. I have been neglecting my blog for several projects (and lots of elf work on the doll house we are putting together for the girls for Christmas-yay! I am taking pics to post tutorials for any of you crazies that might want to make doll furniture-the things we do!) Anyhow, we had so much fun, I had to share. This year I even got into the fun and put my hair up into a big bouffant. The girls couldn’t stop cracking up when they saw me. I loved it!

My little princess. She is so in love with her dress. She requested “special princess hair” Um???? This is what I came up with and she was thrilled with it. I love how she gets all quiet and demure when she is happy about something like that. So cute.

Emily was equally stoked about her flamingo costume. She looked so stinkin’ cute! I wish I had taken more pics. The back was hilarious with it’s little drape of tail feathers by the bum.

…and my little candy corn witch. What can I say? This girl just kills me! Don’t you want to hug her after seeing this?