mosiac ornaments & votives

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This is a fun one! I love to make these for friends; the votives look so beautiful lit up. You can make them simple and sweet or over-the-top intricate and stunning. Either way, just a little tissue paper and a glass candle holder or even 1/2 pint jar will transform into a great gift. So head over to Today’s Mama and make one or three today!

make felt christmas stockings

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We are still up to some serious craftiness at Today’s Mama. Come see today’s post about making felt Christmas stockings. These are quick and easy (my favorite) and are so darling. Your kids will love making them for favorite friends then stuffing with a bit of candy. The inspiration for these, was actually my own beloved Christmas stocking growing up. Which was a red ballet slipper. I think my Mom made them, she is impressive that way. She also had cowboy boots for the boys. So clever. Give it a try, you can make them big or small, but either way, you’ll love how felt stockings turn out.

homemade hot chocolate and marshmallows


Ready to really indulge? Head over to Today’s Mama and get the recipe for homemade hot chocolate and fluffy marshmallows. They make a decadent gift for friends. My book group got them last night. 😀 You certainly don’t have to share if you don’t want to. Get the how-to on hot chocolate here.

make your own felt stockings

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I love working with felt; I don’t know why, but anytime I use it for a project, it always turns out so well. These stockings are super simple to make. The biggest job is just figuring how to design and decorate them. Keep an eye out for interesting things to embellish with. Small Christmas ornaments or pins, and buttons or pom-poms would all make a stocking whimsical and fun. It only takes about a quarter of a yard to make a good sized sock. Once it is finished, stuff it with favorite candies or a homemade treat for a traditional gift.


felt (about 1/4 yard will do. You may want a few colors)
hot or craft clue


1. Fold the felt in half (with the inside facing out if there is a “good side”) and draw the outline of your stocking. Now carefully cut it out. The felt should stick together fairly well, just be mindful to keep it even so that your 2 pieces are the same.

2. Now turn the pieces over if necessary and run a thin bead of glue around the edge of one. Line the other piece on top and then gently press the edges together.

3. Now it’s time for the fun part. Trim that stocking as much or as little as you like. I made the scalloped trim by folding a strip of felt in half and then half again until it was about an inch wide. Then cut a half circle from edge to edge. You may need to clean up a few of the scallops after you’ve unfolded it.

You can make a rose with a strip of felt that you have scalloped (or just cut rough bumps into) by rolling it into a spiral. Put a drop of glue between the layers every once in a while to keep it firm. Then spread glue over the entire base to hold it together (and stick it onto the stocking.)

I made the tree trunk by lining up 3 strands if thick yarn and gluing them on. Then trimming up the base to make it nice and even.

To make the ballerina slipper, lay a finished stocking on top of another piece of felt and trace the sole and a little over the toe to get the shape of the shoe part. Then criss-cross thin strips up the leg section.

initial door hanger

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The fun continues at Today’s Mama, where I am showing you how to make door hangers with friend’s initials or other cute phrases on them. Stop on by!

jams and jellies in handpainted jars


Come visit me at Today’s Mama where I am counting down 10 Christmas gifts to make with your kids. Today we are doing jams and jellies in jars that you paint with your kids. Simple, easy, and really yummy.  I made Apricot Jalapeno for friends this year. The girls loved painting away and I love how they turned out! Take a look then make your own.