i have been working on a few things…


I have been having some fun lately. I recently got a sewing machine and have made the girls aprons. (I’ll add get a picture of that tomorrow when they are up.) I also did this window for our bedroom. Andrea, I thought you’d appreciate the subject. : )

I call them my gossip birds.


i’m stoked about this…


Last week I went to a presentation by Liz Edmunds (aka the Food Nanny); which really inspired me–about dinner! She advocates making a 2 week plan (Ali, I thought you’d like that with your 2 week shopping trips.) To make making that plan easier, Liz suggests setting a theme for each night of the week. I love this idea, I think it will help with my dinner problem–falling into a rut and rotating a handful of recipes. Here is my little meal plan to fill out. I bought her cookbook because I am always interested in easy recipes. I have done weekly menus for a while and one little trick I’ve learned is to just save those menus in a file to look back through when I get stumped. I’ll let you know how it goes next week. I plan on doing some tweeking as I go; but I figured I’d share–anything to make dinner easier, right?


oktoberfest fun



We were always excited to head over to Woodburn, OR for Oktoberfest when I lived at home. Although beer certainly is the centerpiece of the festival, there is a lot to see and eat at these carnivals. Oktoberfest is arguably the largest festival in the world, hosting well over 6 million people in the actual fair in  Munich last year. It was first held to honor the newly married Crown Prince Ludwig I and Therese of Bavaria in 1810. Celebrations run from late September to the first Sunday of October and chances are there is a festival being held in a city or town near you. However, if you’d like to celebrate at home, I suggest having a german inspired dinner, possibly trying out a traditional game of skittles, and making these Edelweiss hats to wear for the party.

edelweiss hats


large piece of felt or construction paper; trimmed to 12×18-inches (traditionally green)

white and yellow felt or construction paper for flower

*For paper, use a hole punch to make 6 circles or do one larger circle. You can also use 6 yellow pompoms or beads for the center.


glue (glue stick for paper, craft or hot glue for felt)



1. Fold the sheet of felt or paper in half. (It should now measure 9×12.)
2. Fold both top corners in towards the middle evenly, leaving 2-3 inch border along the bottom. If you are using felt, you will need to tack the corners down with a bead of glue.
3. Fold the bottom up on both sides each to their own side.  This forms the brim.


4. Cut out an edelwiess flower. (Here’s the pattern I used:) If you are using paper, use a hole punch to make 5 yellow circles and glue all together.


5. Make a small puddle of glue on one side of the hat and lay the bigger flower down to make the base, then put the smaller on top. Next add a puddle in the center of the flower and arrange the circles to form a center.

6. Then tuck (and glue if necessary) the feather behind the flower and feiern!